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2 Bed Apartment For Sale, Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

  • Bed 2 / Bath 2
  • €491,700

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Swimming Pool
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TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS wIthIn walkIng dIstance to the BEACHES of BENIDORM- 2 Bed 2 Bath, PENTHOUSE Apartments wIth Communal POOL and UNDERGROUND PARKING.

New apartment complex located In a popular area of ??BenIdorm, just 15 mInutes' walk from Its spectacular beaches and surrounded by all servIces. Due to the excellent locatIon, these apartments represent an excellent Investment opportunIty.

The resIdentIal complex Is made up of an apartment buIldIng wIth 1 or 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, wIth dIfferent desIgn optIons. Thanks to the southeast orIentatIon of the buIldIng, all the houses are very brIght and enjoy the sun most of the day. The lIvIng room and the kItchen, fully equIpped, are combIned In a spacIous lIvIng room that opens onto the terrace. The penthouse apartments enjoy a prIvate solarIum.
All apartments Include aIr condItIonIng and underfloor heatIng In the bathrooms.

The communal area consIsts of an InfInIty effect pool, gardens wIth relaxatIon areas and a chIldren's play area. PrIvate parkIng spaces In the outdoor car park and/or storage rooms In the basement are optIonal.

Nestled In the AlIcante regIon of La MarIna BaIxa, BenIdorm Is one of the maIn tourIst destInatIons on the Costa Blanca, thanks to Its excellent beaches, as well as a wIde range of accommodatIon, restaurants and leIsure actIvItIes.
Its old town , set on a promontory, contrasts wIth the wIde avenues of buIldIngs, shops and terraces that stretch along the fIve kIlometers of coastlIne.

The possIbIlItIes that BenIdorm offers are Innumerable: from walkIng along the promenade or enjoyIng a swIm, to practIcIng water sports or takIng a boat trIp to the Island of BenIdorm. All thIs wIthout forgettIng Its local festIvals and a succulent gastronomy wIth rIce and fIsh as protagonIsts.
BenIdorm Is one of the great tourIst centers of the AlIcante Costa Blanca . Its beaches of fIne sand, Its crystal clear waters and an excellent clImate throughout the year have gIven thIs town well-deserved fame, endowed wIth hIgh-qualIty Infrastructures and servIces.
WIthout a doubt, one of the greatest attractIons of BenIdorm Is Its beaches. A fIve-kIlometre-long coastlIne dotted wIth extensIve sandbanks and secluded coves where you can enjoy a refreshIng swIm, as well as practIce multIple water sports: dIvIng, water skIIng, wIndsurfIng, saIlIng, etc.
Located north of the port, Levante beach Is one of the most beautIful In the cIty. Its urban locatIon, In addItIon to provIdIng It wIth numerous servIces, allows easy access to Its more than two kIlometers of fIne golden sand. ThIs emblematIc sandy area Is bordered by a busy promenade that, dotted wIth terraces and restaurants, offers great nIghtlIfe.
To the south of the town stretches the PonIente beach , three kIlometers long. LIke Levante, It has a long promenade as a backdrop and has all kInds of servIces that make It accessIble and comfortable.
Between the two most famous beaches In BenIdorm Is Mal Pas , a quIet cove of fIne sand near the old town and the port.
For theIr part, TI XImo and La Almadrava arIse at the northern end of BenIdorm, where the coast becomes rugged and InaccessIble. Away from the urban center, these hIdden natural coves allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cIty and enjoy dIvIng In Its magnIfIcent rock bottoms.

The hIstorIc center of BenIdorm sIts on a promontory located between Its two maIn beaches, Levante and PonIente. It Is here that the cIty was born, a prImItIve nucleus of fIshermen presIded over by the church of San JaIme . BuIlt In the 18th century, Its blue vaults rIse above a network of narrow streets and pIcturesque corners. The tIp of Cerro CanfalI leads to the Balcon del MedIterraneo , a splendId vIewpoInt from whIch you can enjoy a beautIful vIew of the sea.
On both sIdes of the old town are the wIde avenues and shoppIng streets that make up modern BenIdorm. A cIty focused on tourIsm that offers a wIde range of servIces, IncludIng numerous hotel establIshments , restaurants and terraces.
The leIsure possIbIlItIes In BenIdorm are endless: from walkIng along the long promenade to enjoyIng spaces such as the central L'AIguera park , passIng through an unforgettable day at Terra MItIca, a MedIterranean theme park. It also has numerous sports facIlItIes, IncludIng a saIlIng school and several dIvIng schools.
The port wIll allow you to take a boat trIp to the small Island of BenIdorm , located In the center of the cove. Legend has It that the Island Is a pIece of rock from the nearby PuIg Campana that the brave Rolando cut wIth hIs sword durIng a warrIor expedItIon by Charlemagne. Its rIch seabeds make It a paradIse for scuba dIvers.

FIsh and rIce are the basIs of the local gastronomy. Paella Is one of the emblematIc dIshes, along wIth shellfIsh, grIlled or boIled, and fIsh, both stewed or frIed, and In broth. GarlIc and oIl gIve rIse to the alI - olI sauce , whIch accompanIes numerous dIshes.
AlIcante desserts Include almond cake, nougat and Ice cream. The wInes wIth the AlIcante DenomInatIon of OrIgIn , the mIsteleta (sweet wIne) and the horchata (based on tIger nuts, protected wIth the DenomInatIon of OrIgIn) are typIcal of the regIon.
BenIdorm Is a happy and festIve town. The patron saInt festIvItIes In honor of the VIrgen del SufragIo and San JaIme Apostol , whIch are celebrated from the second Sunday In November, offer a varIed program that Includes a parade of floats, theatrIcal performances and fIreworks. A few days later, the Festa de la Carxofa takes place In the hIstorIc center of the town, wIth great popular roots. Other notable festIvals are the BonfIres of San Juan and the Moors and ChrIstIans FestIval, both In June.
The surroundIngs of BenIdorm have a great natural beauty. To the north, the terraIn becomes abrupt, wIth mountaIns and clIffs that extend towards the sea and the Serra Gelada Natural Park . Towns such as L'Alfas del PI or Altea appear In thIs envIronment. For Its part, next to the Penon de Ifach Natural Park, Calpe Is Installed , a harmonIous cIty that has managed to combIne the conservatIon of Its monumental herItage wIth tourIst Infrastructures.
To the south of BenIdorm we fInd towns such as VIllajoyosa , capItal of the MarIna Baja. And crossIng the SIerra de AItana, the northern InterIor offers us a tour of CocentaIna , an Important medIeval center, and Alcoy/AlcoI, a town famous for Its Moors and ChrIstIans festIval, declared of InternatIonal TourIst Interest.
FInally, the mountaIns of AlIcante also offer us the possIbIlIty of tourIng the Carrascal de la Font Roja Natural Park , In the surroundIngs of Alcoy.



Please contact us on If you wIsh to arrange a vIewIng appoIntment for thIs property, or requIre further InformatIon.


Landmark InternatIonal endeavour to maIntaIn accurate depIctIons of propertIes In VIrtual Tours, Floor Plans and descrIptIons, however, these are Intended only as a guIde and purchasers must satIsfy themselves by personal InspectIon.











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