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Reasons to buy in Portugal in 2019

Algarve beach 6th September 2019
Reasons to buy your holiday or residence home in Portugal now

Algarve beach
The booming holiday market
Portugal is one of the most favourite destinations of holiday makers from around the globe, mainly from Europe. Record 24 million sun hungry holiday makers enjoyed in the 1st half of 2019 the beaches, the golf, the mediterrian cousine, the very friendly Portuguese hospitality and an unrevealed relaxing experience. Thus resulting in repeated bookings for holidays propeties via platform like booking.com or AirBnB plus many others. 

The property prices
After reaching unseen before, very high levels in 2018, real estate prices throughout Portugal should not only stabilize, according to research and market experts, but there is a strong indication that the increase will slowly continue throughout 2019.

The shortage of decent property supply
The offer/supply of real estate and second hand properties is increasingly scarce. According to INE (PT National Institute of Statistics) currently the number of licensed buildings and apartments completed is less than half of the existing volume in 2008. Basically if you see a property now you should buy it outright.

The war of spreads
At this moment there is a "war of spread" going on between the Portuguese banks. 
Everyone is trying to promote the lowest spread resulting in a clear advantage for the customer also for foreigners. With a lending ration from 20% LTV its is certainly an advantage to consider additional finance in a property purchase
The Golden Visa program
The government is continuing in promoting the  Golden EU Visa for foreigners from outside Europe with a one-off investment totalling 500.000 Euro or more with the purchase of properties among other programs like buying a property for re-habilitation in urban city spaces from 380.000 Euro and so on.
The pensioneers tax free program
The non-habitual tax program is celebrating its 10 years success. If you are receiving your pension and don´t want to pay income taxes you can qualify for a ten-years-excemption, the so-called RNH from the Portuguese Government. Its very popular.
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