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The Best Things To Do In Alicante

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Top Things to do in Alicante

About Alicante

The port city is located along Spain’s beautiful south-east coast on the Costa Blanca. You have probably heard or been to Alicante airport if you visit Spain frequently, it is one of the busiest Spanish airports barring Madrid & Barcelona. Alicante is steeped in history that is still visible to this date for you to explore and visit, with the iconic Castle of Santa Barbara perched on top of Mount Benacantil, giving you a perfect place to view the entire city and port.
Alicante is a haven for food lovers, with hundreds of restaurants and various cuisines to test and taste. The promenade along the seafront is a thing of unparalleled beauty, offering a peaceful and stunning view for you to take a relaxing stroll along.
Into sports? Alicante is home to the football team Hércules CF which currently plays in the second division, players such as David Trezeguet & Nelson Valdez used to play for the team. With a stadium capacity of 30,000 it is worth visiting and watching a game to take in the atmosphere and the energetic buzz the crowd offers.
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Food in Alicante

With its close proximity to the Mediterranean you can expect to enjoy some of the finest seafood available in the whole of Spain including shrimp, tuna, prawns, cuttlefish and much more- brought in with the daily catch, Alicante has been influenced by Muslim culture with has introduced a beautiful mix of spicy rice/paella and a drizzle of olive oil for that classic Med diet. You have a huge choice of Tapas bars for your dinner giving you a chance to test out all of the dishes and find what’s right for you. The freshness of the food here is out of this world, it truly lights up your plate with flavours, leaving you wanting more.

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Temperature in Alicante

If you’re seeking to buy a new home in a sunny paradise then Alicante should be on your watch-list! During the summer months the temperate on average is 25-26 degrees with 11 hours of sunshine. In August the sea is also 26 degrees making it heavenly to swim in the crystal blue ocean. Even in the winter months it still is much higher than the likes of the UK. Averaging around 12-13 degrees in December-January.

Top 5 Alicante Attractions

There are many, many attractions to visit in Alicante. So we will pick the top 5 must visit attractions, just so you don’t miss out on the best parts.

1. Castle of Santa Barbara

This will be on everyone’s list, but it is way too good to miss out on. The Castle of Santa Barbara is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower, it’s an iconic landmark for Alicante that has been there since around the 9th century! The fortress has stood the test of time and has seen an abundance of historic activity. Perched 166 metres above the city, it affords some of the greatest views of Alicante. They have live performance actors there that create an immersive atmosphere which is fun for the kids, and access is very easy with a lift taking you to the top, or alternatively you can drive or walk up there.

2. Old Town of Alicante

Alicante has an old town that is located very close to the castle, sprawled with little streets and high whitewashed walls, with cute little homes with plants, fresh flowers, bright colours and greenery everywhere you look. If you want to escape the main part of the city and slow down a bit, then adventure around here and relax in one of the cafes or restaurants.

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3. Expalanada Promenade

With over 6 million marble tiles running along the promenade it is truly is a sensational and luxurious promenade. With the marble design replicating the waves of the ocean, surrounded by palm trees. This area is full of life with the stretch featuring many bars, restaurants and live music. It's a lovely place for a stroll at sunset. It's a busy, buzzing pedestrianised street leading from the marina and the beach up into the town centre.

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4. Canelobre Caves

This one is a little further afield than directly in the city, if you drive 30 minutes from the city centre you can reach the Canelobre caves. It stems back to over 7 million years ago, it has been compared to a Gothic Cathedral and even has held some concerts there due to its acoustics! It has seen a lot of history, from a Civil War refuge and has been used as an aircraft storage. It’s definitely worth a visit if you love seeing one of nature’s creations.

5. Playa del Postiguet

It’s a coastal city, of course we have to shout out a beach on this list! Bury your feet into the sand at Playa del Postiguet, a wonderful 900m stretch of golden sand, positioned perfectly next to the base of Mount Benacantil, it’s easy to get to and has an underground parking facility nearby. It has great amenities including toilets, foot showers and ample space even for busy periods. Crystal blue oceans in front of you, soft sand underneath you & the beautiful promenade and palm trees behind you. What more can you ask for? 
There are many many more things to do whilst in Alicante, it's a treasure trove of activities! From snorkelling, to amazing museums, to Grandioso Basilica’s. Through to the wonderful port, restaurants, mountains & shopping centres. 
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